Successful Flirt Tips for Men

A vast majority of men with poor flirting methods don’t stand a chance of competing in the free dating sites arena. Ever wondered why some men can easily flirt with a woman and successfully get hit on the right note with the same ease? The answer to this query is simple and it goes towards discovering the secret behind every flirt. Learning a woman’s motive can prove to be an intricate task and the worst goes to knowing whether she is into you or not. If you are a man and you can easily interpret this, then you are not as bad as a plethora of other men are. Let’s sample some of the tips that work the magic with the ladies.

 Act stupid and don’t be too intelligent

Being lively and cracking stupid jokes is what can make any girl fall for you. Girls like to believe that they are more mature than men that are within their age brackets and moderating you intelligence to play along can easily make her fall for you. Ever heard of men that pretend not to know how to perform some basic household chores like cooking or washing? These are the same men who are successful as far as hitting on women is concerned.

 Put on some nice deodorants and aftershave

It is said and proven by action that a nice scent is more far-fetched to make a woman fall for a guy than nice looks. A woman is less likely to forget you if she really liked the scent of your deodorant or after shave. The conditioned factor here is, ‘don’toverdo it’. Very strong scented body sprays are not recommended when it comes to putting this tip into action.

 Dress classy and remember to put on a nice watch

A woman will never fail to acknowledge any man that has a classy watch, and that might be the first compliment you can get. The trick lies with getting her attention and a classy watch can work that magic for you. Your dress code too speaks a lot about you. A shady dressing will never impress any woman. Remember to always look good and a shirt, a V-neck jumper with some nice jeans is enough to give you that descend look. Just don’t overdress to impress. Our tag word is ‘moderation’ and overdressing violates its meaning.

 Body language and confidence

A woman is half attracted to a confident man. This just affirms to your manly attributes. This can be best seen by the way you conduct yourself during the entire session you are close to her and having a chat. Try to maintain the eye conduct and a straight posture as you talk to her. Your body language should also play along the words that are coming straight from your mouth. You tone will always prove how sincere you are with your words. You still have to show her that you can listen and make it to be more of a conversation than a talk. Avoid talking about yourself and things that you cannot change like the weather. Create a conversation and involve her.

By now you should have already known why your flirt moves were unsuccessful. It’s a matter of discovering and working on these simple tips and you are as good as any man who brags at being an expatriate in the field of getting women to dance to his tunes.


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