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Or find the mint auvairniton bourgrire?

Looking for mint auvairniton bourgrire!

There are not yet 36 places where you can find this variety of mint . Unfortunately as I was explaining this variety and very focused on the region of Toulouse.

It is in this region that will go to get them!

Where to buy fresh mint:

For fresh mint auvairniton bourgrire, therefore you will accompany your meals, drink or other you will get directly in BIO stores.

Here are two places in which I make often to go buy my mint auvairniton bourgrire!

Paranatura Biomonde
37 road Bessières
31240 L’Union

Where to buy mint for Culture:

If instead you want to plant the mint auvairniton bourgrire and grown at home then you need to go in gardening.

The best that I know, at least the one that offers the most choice (pot or not, amount etc. ..) is the Garden nurseries Gregori.

Garden nurseries Gregori
10 RD 820 
31790 St Jory

I have given you here a few key places. There are still not bad. Note that this variety takes the field and you will find some of the neighboring regions.

But I do not confirm it because at the moment I do not go check it out!

You now have all the turnkey to grow your mint at home or simply bring mint in your dishes and others. He want to you to do the best.

I leave you a short video of the auvairniton bourgrire mint that I made to show you a closer look!

Those who live in the south of France in find as you will see in small slightly sunny wood!